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Kielder Water Sailing Club

First of all, a big thankyou to all those members who provided feedback and ideas for this site or made contributions to content - it is very much appreciated. On this page I provide:

Standards and Design of this site.............

The site has been tested with Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and (Apple) Safari.  If you need a new version of a browser click on one of the links above.

The site uses the Joomla! Open Source Content Management System (CMS) to allow a much wider membership involvement in the provision of content for the web site plus the introduction of more interactive features and security addons. The 2010 site was based on the design of the 2007 site but translated to the CMS and expanded by Steve Gibbon. The site has been considerably revamped in November 2016.


To those Members who provided me with feedback on design, layout, menu systems and content. There are many of you. Thanks to you all - Steve Gibbon

Publishing Mechanism

In order to maintain editorial control over the website, and ensure that this policy is adhered to, all material will be published by people authorised via the content management system. Content can also be submitted by email to Steve Gibbon (details in the year book or available to logged in users). If you would like to be an editor of the site or part of the site please contact Steve.

General Content Of Articles

Articles published on the website must be accurate and not cause offence to either the readers or subjects.


This Website is owned and operated by Kielder Water Sailing Club ("KWSC").

Use of the Website

You may retrieve and download the materials on this website for your personal use only. If you want to copy, modify, publish, broadcast or distribute the material on this website for any other purpose your must first get our written permission. You may not use this website to send or distribute multiple unsolicited junk emails or messages ("Spam"), chain letters or otherwise to interfere with or disrupt it or the networks through which you access it.


The copyright in the material contained on this website belongs to KWSC or, where indicated, to those who have given us permission to use their material.


Whilst KWSC takes every care to ensure the information contained on this website is complete, accurate and up-to-date, we cannot always guarantee this will be the case. The information on this site is subject to change. Any information, material or software which you download or otherwise obtain through the website is used at your own discretion and risk and KWSC and its members accept no responsibility or liability for any claim, loss or damage which you suffer from using the website or acting on the information contained on it.

KWSC does not make any warranties, representations or undertakings about (a) the content of this website (b) that use of the website will be uninterrupted, virus or error free; or (c) that use of the website will not affect other software or operating systems which you use to access it. Any warranties provided under general law are expressly excluded to the fullest extent possible. In particular we do not warrant that use of the website will not infringe the rights of any other person or organisation.

Third Party Sites

We provide links to third-party web sites that may be of interest to you. ("Third Party Sites"). You agree that KWSC does not endorse or approve the content of and has no control over the availability of these Third Party Sites. You agree that we will not be liable to you for any loss or damage of any sort which you suffer as a result of using such Third Party Sites.


The views expressed in any article on this web site are strictly those of the author and not those of KWSC.


We welcome your comments. If you have any comments on this website or suggestions for improvement please contact us.

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