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Kielder Water Sailing Club

Contacting your Committee.............

Some specific committee members may be contacted via email from this site. Please refer to the contact page for details. Contact details can also be found in the club year book.

Your Committee Roles are as described in the Constitution and Byelaws.

Your Committee Members

Richard Purdy - Commodore. You can contact Richard here.

My main responsibility is to oversee the running of the sailing club and chair the club’s committee meetings.  My aim is to implement a long-term plan for the development of club resources and assets and to ensure we remain financially viable for the years to come.  

I have been sailing for around 30 years, starting out racing keel boats with my father before discovering dinghy sailing.  From then I never looked back.

Main interests: Dinghy Racing

Currently sailing: RS Aero (7 or 9 – depending how windy)

Previous Boats: RS100, Laser, Musto Skiff, Osprey, GP14

Other interests (outside sailing): Running, cycling, travelling

Richard Purdy

Michelle Russell - Rear Commodore. You can contact Michelle here.

First sailed, as a child in my uncles Mirror dinghy in Piddinghoe, Sussex
Learnt to sail, in Loch Ken, Dumfriesshire.
Member at KWSC for 21 years
Dinghy instructor for 13 yrs
Enjoy racing in Byte C2 dinghy, also trying to get better at windsurfing.
Have spent time taking my children to sailing and windsurfing events and training around UK!
Having been to many sailing clubs; nowhere has yet surpassed KWSC!

Anna Batchelor - Treasurer. You can contact Anna here.

A member since the club was based at Leaplish, reprising committee membership and treasurer role.

Boats Wayfarer, Laser and Laser 3000.

Other hobbies gardening which combined with work means rather limited sailing, now a bit retired so maybe get more sailing in ……Slow and reluctant runner, ditto cycling.

Previous Boats: RS100, Laser, Musto Skiff, Osprey, GP14.

Other interests (outside sailing): Running, cycling, travelling.

Image awaited 

Jenny Read - Secretary. You can contact Jenny here.

I started windsurfing in around 2016 with my son Daniel. I love being out on the lake in the beautiful surroundings and camping over at the club when I can. The only downside is the midges!


Gary Oldfield - Membership Secretary. You can contact Gary here.

Sailing a capecutter and a supernova extremely badly , I came close to winning one race ,   in 13 years of sailing but came a close second , there were only 2 boats in the race . After sailing my passion is flying/gliding and hill walking , with a sprinkling of classic cars and motorbikes .

Gary Oldfield

Jess Cowley - Committee Member.


Sailed on family cruising boats, from the age of 2. Cruised in SW Eng, Channel Islands and France, NE Eng, Scotland, Greece and Croatia.

Been a KWSC member since 2008.

Main interests: Cruising and taking kids to dinghy events. Currently sailing Drascombe coaster. Previous boats Tomahawk 25

Other interests: Open canoeing, biking, hill walking, art and craft

Jess Cowley

Matthew Curtis - Committee Member. You can contact Matthew here.

I have sailed (badly) since a boy – we can trace sailing back in our family to my great great grandfather,  the skipper of The Ellis (54t Schooner – that lugged coal from the North East to London in the 1800’s )

Main interests : Dinghy Cruising

Currently sailing : 1962 Vintage Wayfarer & Eagle 525

Previous boats: Tideway 12, Topper, Laser

Other interests (outside sailing): Road Cycling & Hill Walking

Matthew Curtis

Richard Hearn - Committee Member and Welfare Officer. You can contact Richard here.

Sailing on and off for 30+ years but sailing regularly for the past 5 years since joining KWSC.

Mixture of Drascombe luggers, smaller stuff and occasional crew on bigger boats when opportunity arises.

Making the most of the breadth of what Kielder has to offer with sailing, SUP, camping, cycling and walking on the extensive trails. 

Richard Hearn

Adrian Langford - Sailing Committee, VCC liaison, Dutyman. You can contact Adrian here.

Membership Status: Member for 14 years.
Responsibility: Committee member
Been sailing for: just over 50 years
Current boats: Old but beautiful Wanderer at KWSC; also sail a Lune Pilot.
Past boats: Mirror, Topper, sailed my dad’s boats - several Drascombes, various yachts & trailer sailers
Likes: A decent reach followed by a quiet spot to contemplate
Best thing that ever happened: Steering with an oar in 18 inch deep water in a Coaster off the Wadden Islands; being buzzed by porpoises at Tighnabruaich; Circumnavigating Bute.
Qualifications: Dinghy Instructor, Level 2 Race Coach, Powerboat L2, Safety boat, Paramedic
Other interests: Play guitar, rock climbing, cycling
Favourite music: Anything, as long as it’s real!
Favourite foods: Anything with good friends
Reason for living: I love life!
Reason for still being alive: There’s so much more to enjoy
Job: Paramedic
Catchphrase: “Get out there and enjoy it"

Objectives for the Club: To come together to enjoy the shared beauty of Kielder. To get wet and to laugh about it afterwards.
Adrian Langford

Rob Shaw

Bio to follow with list of responsibilities.

Rob Shaw

Cathy Smith - House Officer. You can Contact Cathy here.

Cathy has been enjoying sailing since 2003 and has been a member at Kielder since around 2005. She most enjoys cruising in her GP14 on a sunny day  with a good picnic on board. 

Kevin Smith - Publicity, Facebook and Newsletters. You can contact Kevin here.

Late 50s, balding, greying, seen throughout the county in winter or summer plumage with varying degrees of stubble or beard.
Messing about in dinghies since his early 40s from topper and pico to Vision, Buzz, but owns Laser and GP. Rarely allowed to take racing too seriously but won a club race once when he got his race face on and it coincided with some favourable winds!
RYA Power Boat Level 2, Safety Boat and First Aid trained.
Ordinary Committee member with responsibility for Publicity, Facebook, Mailchimp and with a lot of help from Steve Gibbon, the website!. Therefore, if you think there’s a story to be told he’s going to be happy to receive some copy and pics and he’ll do his best to get to grips with the IT needed to get it out there!
Married to Cathy who is lined up to help coordinate those who keep you all well fed and watered.
Kevin Smith

Dave Watt - Sailing Secretary. You can contact Dave here.

I’m a relative ‘newbie’ to sailing only having started five years ago. Over the course of a week in 2015, I completed an RYA level 1 and 2 in a Laser Stratos at Glenridding Sailing Centre on Ullswater, following it up in 2016 by practicing in KWSC Hartley 10’s, 12’s and 15’s before buying the Supernova.

Main interests: Dinghy racing

Currently sailing: Supernova

Previous boats: -

Other interests (outside sailing): Skiing, flying, and computing
Dave Watt

Ian Birrell - Committee Member.

Bio Awaited.

Image awaited


  • Training Principal  - Steve Gibbon
  • Galley organisation - Julie Stewart and Alison Dodd
  • Chief Dinghy Instructor - Steve Gibbon
  • Chief Windsurfing Instructor - Brian Coates
  • Chief Powerboat Instructor - Michael Scott
  • First Aid Trainer - Darrell Jackson
  • For Boat Park issues contact Gary Oldfield
  • Bosun - Geoff Brown
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