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Kielder Water Sailing Club

The Boat Park Map.............

Boat Park Map - click for a larger image

Click on the image for a more detailed boat park map in a separate tab/window. You should be able to further enlarge this in your browser window if you wish.

When you join or renew your membership you will be designated a boat park space which can be identified from the map provided here. We have also marked out all spaces with a letter/number corresponding to this map for the entire boat park.

A reminder of the boat park byelaws.............

  • Boats may only be left in Boat Park spaces as designated by the Boat Park Manager.
  • Boat Park spaces are designated on an annual basis and are not perpetual.
  • A member may be asked to move their boat if parked in a space for which it is not designated or it may be moved at the discretion of the Committee.
  • Your boat should not be positioned so as to interfere with any other boat.
  • In lieu of a designated boat park space you may park your boat in a designated holding area as will be shown on a plan in the club house. You must however, make contact with the Boat Park Manager, and seek a designated space as soon as possible.
  • You should not arrange any swapping of positions in the boat park with other members. All boat park spaces are managed by the Boat Park Manager.
  • Boats must be securely tied down so that damage does not occur to adjacent boats.

Your Boat Park manager is Gary Oldfield -  please contact him with any questions about the Boat Park.

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