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Kielder Water Sailing Club

Our ever popular Little Americas Cup event took place this bank holiday weekend 28th August and our congratulations are due to Archie Dodds (16) in the adult event and George Stewart (13) in the Junior Event. Racing took place in challenging conditions and had to be halted for a break to allow some strong winds to pass through.

Full results:

Adult event in Toppers:

  1. Archie Dodd
  2. Dave Watt 
  3. Steve Gibbon

This was a great result for Archie at 16 and also very well done Dave - a beginner not so long ago.

Junior event in Optimists:

  1. George Stewart
  2. Abi Cowley
  3. Pete Cowley

Very well done George but it was great to see all our young Optimist sailors coping in such strong conditions. An example to us all.

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