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Kielder Water Sailing Club

Our ever popular Little Americas Cup event took place this bank holiday weekend 28th August and our congratulations are due to Archie Dodds (16) in the adult event and George Stewart (13) in the Junior Event. Racing took place in challenging conditions and had to be halted for a break to allow some strong winds to pass through.

Its all over now but what a fantastic week! We hoped everyone enjoyed it, young sailors, Instructors and parents alike. Thanks for all your help in running it. Please enjoy the video!

Over the weekend of 13th and 14th May we will be hosting members of the Regia Anglorum early mediaevel reenactment and living history society. They will be setting up camp around the clubhouse with both historical and modern tents and bringing their 36' warship/cargo ship 'The Bear' to sail.

This is an event for members of the society rather than a public event but club members, their guests and any of our 'Push the Boat Out' visitors are welcome to enjoy the spectacle and find out about life in Britain a thousand years ago.

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