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Kielder Water Sailing Club

Kielder Water Sailing Club members are permitted to use the club facilities and sail at any time during daylight hours, either on their own or joining in a club event. However, this carries the responsibility of ensuring that you, your crew and your craft are capable of dealing with the conditions.

Boats Boats must be registered with Northumbrian Water before they are allowed on the water. Send your application/renewal to NW with your annual KWSC subscription receipt. Your Northumbrian Water Boat number must be marked on your boat. Club tags for trolley and trailer must be attached and visible. Trailers must be identifiable.

Boat park Boat Park spaces are allocated by the Boat Park Committee members. The grass bank by the entrance barrier is the holding area and if you arrive without having been allocated a place please leave your boat there or on the foreshore until a space can be arranged. Keep your boat securely tied down so that it does not damage itself or adjacent boats by blowing over in a storm. Boats are best removed from the premises over winter as the wind and cold cause frequent damage.

Barbecues The Club grounds are an official designated site for barbecues. Prior permission is needed for barbecues elsewhere. Take care that sparks do not damage boats or equipment.

Car parking. There is limited car parking at KWSC. Those on duty or with restricted mobility may park on the foreshore below the clubhouse. On arrival drop your equipment at the clubhouse and then park your car in your boat space, if there is sufficient space, or in the lower Tower Knowe car park. There is a direct path back to the clubhouse from the lower car park. Always lock your car and keep valuables out of sight. Help with site security by displaying a Northumbrian Water Parking Permit on the windscreen (available with your NWA Registration renewal). The slipways and the passages should always be kept clear of cars, except for launching and retrieving.

Communications The quickest and most economical way to communicate is through email. If you put an email address on your application form then the e-news and reminders will be sent by email, not post. There will generally NO posted communications during the year to members.

Competitors All members are always welcome to take part in the racing. There will always be a suitable series to take part in.

Door card and gate key. All members will receive a numbered door card and barrier key on paying their joining fee, part of which is refundable when the key and card are handed back. Please take care of them as we only have limited replacements. The key opens the padlock on the barrier gates, including the NW main gate near the main road, and the card opens the clubhouse door. Please do not leave the clubhouse or the barrier unlocked if you are on the water or the last to leave.

Duties. As the club is run solely by the members it is everyone's responsibility to help in some way; firstly by doing the OOD, Patrol and Galley duties allocated and secondly to help out at working parties or Open events.

Fire Fuel for the wood burning stove is stored near the container store and inside the club house in the bunker provided. Please replenish what you have used. When the fire is lit the wire guards must be placed around it. Take care when drying clothes around the fire as it gets very hot and can quickly melt nylon clothing. The main danger in respect of the clubhouse is FIRE. There is an axe that members can use to split logs for the fire. When using the axe always use a large chopping block on a firm surface (not the paved area around the clubhouse). Keep bystanders at least four axe lengths away from the block, wear strong shoes and carry the axe by the head with the cutting edge facing forwards.

First aid kits. Contact a First Aider in the first instance – the list is near the phone. One first aid kit is kept in the cupboard under the map board and the other in the main galley. If you are unfortunate enough to require any of the contents, leave word in order that the stock can be replenished.

Property KWSC cannot accept responsibility for articles left on the premises.

Galley During most organised events the main galley is opened to provide hot drinks and food to all members present. To help with catering quantities please place your order on arrival, preferably well before 11:00. Always return dirty crockery to the galley. The Member's Galley must be left in a clean and tidy state – this is your responsibility.

Guests All guests must be signed in on arrival. The book is by the main entrance. No guest should be introduced on more than three occasions in one season. It is your responsibility to ensure that your guests are familiar with the Northumbrian Water Rules & Regulations and the rules of the KWSC. Please do not allow guests to use your boat when you are not in attendance.

Insurance Each craft must be insured against third party claims to a minimum of £2,000,000

Incidents Enter incidents and near misses in the Incident book (by the telephone) and also contact a committee member with the details.

Organised events The club organises events throughout the year from March to December – Sunday racing, training for adults and young sailors, some social events and three special events open to all. These are shown in the programme. There will always be at least one committee member at the club at these times.

Patrol During organised activities the Club provides "Patrol Boat" cover, the function of these boats is the preservation of life and property IN THAT ORDER, therefore the salvage of boats and equipment is a secondary consideration and is at the discretion of the patrol boat crew.

Use of Clubhouse Members may use the clubhouse at any time. Camping is permitted in tents, campers and caravans but sleeping overnight in the clubhouse is not. The main room, changing rooms and members' galley are always accessible. Those wishing to use the members' galley do so at their own risk and must ensure that all electrical appliances are switched off after use. Ensure the clubhouse is left in a clean and tidy condition. Black rubbish bags should be taken up to the bins near to the club entrance. A key to these bins can be found on the hook near the club phone.

Website The website has a wealth of information, including the programme, weekend reports, newsletter, forum, photographs and contact details.

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