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Kielder Water Sailing Club

The club has a selection of sailing dinghies and windsuring boards that are available for members who can sail or windsurf to use at any time they are not required for training. Even when training is taking place there are likely to be some boats available as it is highly uinlikely that& every boat would be in use at the same time.

Please note that youngsters must be supervised by a competent adult.

The club boats are listed here.

Floats that can be tied at the top of the masts to inhibit total inversion can be found in the Dinghy equipment store.

There is no need for members to book club boats, you can just turn up and use them. Please ensure that you leave them in good condition and tied down. Please complete the book, kept near the phone in the clubhouse to record everytime you use a club boat whether or not a contribution to club funds is made. This helps us to monitor their use and gives us the evidence needed to obtain funding for upgrades and future boats.

Please report any damage or missing items to Julie Gibbon.

A contribution to club funds is requested whenever the Hartley 12 and 15 boats are used. This money goes towards the cost of insuring (see below) and maintaining the boats. The Hartley 10s, Toppers, Optimists and Windsurfers may currently be used free of charge.

Please note that except for the recent lottery funded boats, club boats are only insured 3rd party and if damage occurs whilst you are using a club boat you are expected to ensure that any necessary repairs are completed and/or spare parts purchased as soon as it is possible to do so.

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