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Kielder Water Sailing Club


Many of our cups/shields/plates etc have been donated by individuals, some no longer members with the club or, unfortunately, no longer with us. Here we provide some background to each of the awards we have information for.

If you can add to this information please let us know. We also need pictures.

The Foundation Trophy. When the club was formed we looked at the possible sailing / racing that we might organise. I felt that we should have a series that was different to the usual club racing that reflected our sailing water and suggested a 'round the lake race or series'. This was agreed. We had no money at the time to buy trophies so it was agreed that the committee members would each put £5 into 'the kitty' and this would be used to buy a trophy for such a series. The £5 was limited to one donation per family as there were some families - David and Gwen Paton and Allan and Joan Helliwell - where both husband and wife were on the committee and it was agreed that it was unfair that they should make two contributions. As the trophy had been paid for by the founding committee it was suggested - and agreed - that it should be called 'The Foundation Trophy'. Incidentally the race was to be a real test of sailing and visit the extremities of the reservoir, a navigational test as well as a race. We had a mark at the top of Belling, we visited the higher reaches of Whickhope and included Plashetts, The Tower and Yarrowmoor. Sure it was at times difficult 'testing' sailing but we did it and took it all in without complaining about the 'lack of wind'. Nowadays it seems that all people want is a blast and overlook the technicalities and skills - and yes the frustrations - of light weather / wind sailing. We also used to have entries from the Yacht Club and they did some Race Officer Duties. Giles Passmore.

Ne'er do Weel Trophy/The Seddon Trophy This trophy was given to the club by John Seddon who not long after the club was formed departed to, I think, Saudi Arabia or a country in that region. The Trophy was for single handed racing in any boat - hence the one handle - and not for racing single handed boats. Giles Passmore.

Constructed with only one handle is the Seddon Trophy awarded to the winner of the Single handed race series.  Another founding member, John Seddon, presented this Ne’er do weel Cup, named after his own single handed craft which was the first to set sail on the reservoir in April 1981 in front of the TV cameras.  He was followed onto the lake by David and Gwen Paton in their Mirror  - Holdfast. Christine Fair.

The Fewster Cup. Jack Coates obtained this for the club. It was originally presented to Greenlees Sailing Club for competition in the GP 14s by Jim Fewster from Hexham. Greenlees closed at about the time that Kielder was formed and so - through Jack - we inherited the cup. Giles Passmore.

Greenlee Sailing Club was originally the home of the Fewster Trophy.  After the club’s closure, the trophy, previously contested by many notable GP 14 sailors was presented to KWSC by Jim Fewster Senior. On the trophy is the name of Jack Coates, a founding member of KWSC. Christine Fair.

The Moyes Trophy Instituted in the middle 1980’s by the club’s training officer, Stuart Moyes for a Junior Race Series. Christine Fair.

Commemorative Trophy In honour of Eric Rowland, Treasurer, and in recognition of his great contribution to the early development of the club. Christine Fair.

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