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Kielder Water Sailing Club

KWSC is a T15 Windsurfing Club

Kielder Water is a large lake, a great place to windsurf – plenty of space to learn, develop and to have fun, whether you have been windsurfing for years or just a few weeks. We welcome windsurfers of all abilities from complete beginner upwards. Coaching is available on the fourth Sunday of every month from April to October for all those who are looking for an easy entry in to the sport or who need coaching at intermediate and advanced levels. The club has its own GPS device for the use of its members and runs a yearly speed league. We also encourage and support members to participate in the UKWA race events such as the local NEWS events.

Where to Sail

As a member of Kielder Water Sailing Club you can launch your windsurfer from the slipway or beach in front of the Clubhouse at Tower Knowe. A small bay which is semi-enclosed by KWSC's jetty is ideal for beginners, after which the headland point is the target and then into the wide open space of Kielder Water for a blast across the lake, a freestyle flaka routine, a long haul up to the top end of the lake at Bakethin or an exploratory cruise into one of the many creeks – the choice is yours.

When sailing on Kielder Water you need to have registered your windsurfer with NWL and read and understood NWL's "Rules and regulations governing the use of Kielder Water" a copy of which is available in the Clubhouse or on line here.

Trial sails are available by arrangement for the general public and non-members, with the objective of member recruitment. For those who do not wish to join KWSC, but would like to windsurf at Kielder, you need to register with Northumbrian Water (NW) at Leaplish. There are conditions for day visitors registering with NW and sailors need to be aware of NW's Rules and Regulations and of the "Additional rules applying only to canoeing, kayaking and/or sailboarding by visitors" which include details for minimum age, minimum numbers sailing together, competency and registration requirements. These are all contained within the "Rules and regulations governing the use of Kielder Water" available here. For more information phone Northumbrian Water at Leaplish on 01434 251000.

Club Windsurfers

The club has a selection of windsurfing boards and rigs that are available for members to use at any time they are not required for training. Even when training is taking place there are likely to be some windsurfers still available. The boards and rigs were purchased with club funds and a grant from the RYA and Sport England, and include:

  • HIFly Matrix (149 litres)
  • HiFly Mambo (175 litres)
  • HiFly Motion (219 litres)
  • Bic Techno Team15 board

Club equipment can only be used following an assessment and induction with the Chief Windsurf Instructor, Brian Coates.

Interested in learning how to windsurf?

Instruction is only available to club members. Why not look at the video at the top of the page and then contact Brian Coates.Windsurfers ashore

Kielder Kestrels Team 15 Club

The club Team15 team is the Kielder Kestrels and they meet on the fourth Saturday of every month from April to October. The Kestrels are part of a nationwide network of windsurfing clubs where young people aged 15 and under can get together on a regular basis to learn new windsurfing skills and have fun with their friends on the water. Since the same faces come back regularly, they’ll definitely make new friends as well. Team15 offers young people two opportunities; to be part of the regular club sessions plus the ability to participate in the inter-club challenges where the team can go head to head with other teams in the region to decide an overall regional champion. Each club can enter the inter-club challenges with a team of up to 15 people aged 15 and under; Team15! Whatever your skill level, regular windsurfing sessions will improve your windsurfing ability very quickly. If you've never tried it before, you'll have the basics mastered in no time. From first time windsurfer to a relative expert, come along and join in the fun.

Jane Vallance prizewinnerJane Vallance receiving an award at the National T15 Championships in October 2012

The Kestrels also:-Freestyle Speed league (individual speed challenge using club GPS), Cruising.

Windsurfers relaxing after a hard days windsurfing

Participation of T15 has an additional cost of £30 over and above the club membership. This will be collected at the start of the season, pay as you go will still be available but at the increased cost of £10 per session

Training Sessions will operate from 10:00 to 16:00 on the fourth Saturday of every month April to October inclusive; this will allow the Sunday to become available for competition (freestyle, racing, GPS or picnic race). The whole weekend will therefore become available to T15; the equivalent of four half day sessions a month.

All sessions should be pre-booked to allow the appropriate level of coaching and safety provision to be arranged.

Clothing bearing the Kestrels logo can be purchased.

Who's who at KWSC

Principal Steve Gibbon.

Brian Coates Our Chief and Senior Windsurfing Instructor is Brian Coates.

Calendar of Events

Windsurfing at KWSC is available all year, daily from dawn until dusk. In addition there are a number of KWSC windsurfing events which take place.

Additional events will be posted on the club Facebook page.


KWSC has hosted NEWS events for many years and as a host club member you will be welcome to join in their weekend programme of course racing or to watch the skills of some very good racing windsurfers.

Windsurfing with KWSC

For further information about windsurfing with KWSC on Kielder Water, please contact Brian Coates. To join the Club, click 'Join Us'.

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