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Kielder Water Sailing Club

After running eight very successful summer camps so far we are repeating the format again in 2019. To reserve a place please contact Julie Gibbon.


The Outline Programme

The week will be busy and we expect all youngsters to be tired to exhausted at the end of the day! A typical day will comprise:

  • Breakfast - managed by the young sailors themselves (under supervision).
  • Tidy the club house and tents in teams.
  • Briefing for the day.
  • Sailing/windsurfing Activities in ability groups e.g. training, coaching, racing, fun activities on the water. Mid morning break/drink/snack if needed.
  • Lunch.
  • Sailing/windsurfing activities until 4.30pm approx.
  • Team Building activity/competitions/games/projects.
  • Dinner 6pm approx.
  • Tidy clubhouse, changing rooms, wash up tidy club house grounds - in teams.
  • Evening entertainment or competitions.
  • We hope for good weather but we have alternative activities if the weather is unsuitable for sailing.

Volunteers Needed

We need between 20 and 60 volunteers to help manage the entire week and look after the youngsters ('in loco parentis') each volunteer doing an evening, a half day or perhaps a full day or more. We would like each parent of youngsters attending to try to volunteer for helping if at all possible for at least a half day, although we do realise this may not always be possible. The camp cannot proceed if we do not get enough volunteers. All volunteers will be fed and watered. We need:

  • Up to 5 people a day to act as 'House' Volunteers (from the Sunday evening onwards) ensuring youngsters are fed and looked after. Half and Full day duties are available. Many meals may be prepared in advance to reduce effort during the week. You will also need to help with any additional daily shopping for milk/bread etc.
  • 4 RIB duties of half days or full days (Monday to Friday) to help the Coaches and Instructors. Your job is to get the RIB ready, drive the RIB and make it safe at the end of the day.
  • 5 people (one per day Monday to Friday)) to look after ongoing repairs if and when needed.
  • 2 parents per night to act as the focal point for the youngsters in the event of either some care being needed or an emergency arising.
  • In addition any qualified club Instructors or Coaches would be welcome to help with activities or shadow an RYA Coach to learn more from someone with experience.

For Parents...

We are willing to act 'in loco parentis' for your youngster(s) but you need to be comfortable with that and the organisation we will be establishing for the event. You would also be most welcome to stay at the summer camp if you wish however you woukd need to mkae your own catering arrangements unless on duty.

Before the camp we will provide some detailed information about the camp, kit required etc so your youngster can be fully prepared for the week.

The week costs £150 per youngster and a £25 deposit is required with the balance due 2 weeks before the event. A first come first served basis applies and the event is open only to children of club members and Junior members. Youngsters mst be aged between 9 and under 16 years old although younger members may be included depending on circumstances.

Youngsters will be allocated a house groups for on shore activities, competitions and chores. They may be in different groups for sailing depending on ability. There will be plenty of time to socialise in friendship groups as well.

If you can help or you need more information or have any questions or concerns then please contact either Steve Gibbon or Julie Gibbon.

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