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Kielder Water Sailing Club

LUNE SWALLOW CRUISING AT KWSCYou can cruise independently any time between dawn and dusk at Kielder, however we do organise cruising in company the first weekend of every month from April to October. We meet in the clubhouse at 10.30am and decide where we are going. Bring a picnic as we are usually out all day. Everyone is welcome as we can usually put less experienced folk with those with more experience. If you want to chat beforehand about joining in contact our cruising representative. We also have added `extras` in that for those interested we will discuss and / or practice some Seamanship skills during the day.


Drascombe Longboat at KWSCSo here you are  ….  interested in cruising from Kielder Water Sailing Club. I think that once you’ve tried it you will find it difficult to be disappointed.

One of the main reasons for this is that Kielder Water offers a such a wide variety of cruising opportunities:

At one end of the spectrum there are events suitable for the novice (or even “non” sailor) who wishes to join as crew on an organised event where you will find people who are happy to take you on your maiden voyage.

Lune Swallow at KWSCAt the other extreme there is both interest and challenge for an individual who wishes to sail off totally alone and spend a day or more exploring the twenty three miles of shoreline, inlets, specific destinations or make ad hock/random landings for picnics, lazing in the sun, wandering into the forest. Not infrequently you can have the whole lake to yourself with not another sail in sight.

In between these there are “cruising away” weekends where members, as families and individuals, camp at other waters and do sensible and silly things on, off and sometimes in the water.

You will meet members who camp at KWSC and are happy to cruise in company in flotillas of twos and threes - a popular excuse being a pint at Leaplish before your barbeque.

Wherever you might fall in the spectrum you are likely to find good sailing conditions for much of the season and if you are careful sometimes out of season too.

You'll find some pictures of what we get up to on and off the water at various KWSC cruising events. We hope you enjoy some of the wonderful images provided by members. If you would like to contribute please use the feedback page to make initial contact with the web master who will then liaise with you to incorporate your images. We also need images for the top right of the banner (which changes on every click of the web site). Many thanks.

All images on this page are copyright Kielder Water Sailing Club unless otherwise stated. If you would like to use an image from this page elsewhere, please contact us.

Cruising Gallery

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