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Kielder Water Sailing Club

UPDATED 8TH October 2020

RYA Welcome Back Poster


Many members have been enjoying being back at Kielder and on the water. We are aware that for others this has not been possible due to not having your own boat or windsurf or living further than a day trip away. With the Covid alert level being reduced to 3 and with Government and RYA guidelines allowing, we are pleased to be able to offer more amenities at the club. 

It is very important that you read the whole of this message and follow the links to the updated plan and risk assessments for the full details as activity is still limited. The documents to read are:- 

You must access the online booking system to advise the date you intend to use the club. This is currently limited to 30 members per day.

Please park in the boat park keeping one car width between cars. Please leave a note on your dashboard with your name and time you left to go on the water in your boat/windsurf/SUP.

Please bring your own gate key, hand sanitiser, antimicrobial wipes or soap. Do not touch common surfaces, for example the gate or tap, with bare hands.

Please arrive ready for sailing or change at your car. The toilets can be used at the Tower Knowe carpark but not for changing (open 9.30am to 5pm). There is a public payphone (coins) at Tower Knowe carpark. Phoning 999 from a mobile will connect to any mobile network.

Please check your craft is in good working order. Sailing in double handed dinghies can only be with members of the same household. You must be able to launch and recover by yourself unless with a member of the same household.

There will be no safety cover at any time so please ensure you only go on the water having fully assessed the conditions. You go afloat at your own risk. The RYA recommends sailing in conditions less than you would normally be capable of sailing in, i.e. sail up to force 3 if normally can manage force 4. It is better not to go onto the water, even if rigged and changed, rather than risk an accident.

Club boats 

From Saturday 4 July 2020 a selection of the club boats will be available to use at weekends only. The boat is to be booked for the whole weekend, regardless if used for one or two days, so allowing at least 72 hours to pass until the next use. (When any potential Covid virus will have "perished"). Please read the ground rules and risk assessment for club boat use here.

Please remember they are insured 3rd party (from 4.7.20) and so any loss or damage is the responsibility of the user.

The boat must be booked on the second page of the google sheet booking system, found here. ‚ÄčAs usual, a donation is required to use the boats. There is a link to pay by go cardless on the booking sheet.

The boats available are two each of Hartley 10s, Hartley 12s, Hartley 15s and Optimists. They are labelled A to H ( Hartleys on the bow and Optimists on the stern). Their rigging is in the first container, which can be opened with the gate key using gloves. The rigging is labelled with the corresponding letter in the six dustbins or, for the Hartley 15s, on the left and right shelves. Please return as you have found them. 

Please ensure only one person enters the container at a time.

As with all sailing at present, there is no safety cover, please assess the conditions. Sail in less wind than you would normally be happy to sail in. This particularly applies to junior sailors who need supervision by their parents/guardians at all times whilst on the water.

Club windsurfs

From Monday 13 July 2020 the Hi Fly windsurf boards will be available to use. The Team 15 Techno boards and rigs are not available.
The Hi fly boards are stored on the outside racks. The rigs, UJs and harnesses are all in the wooden windsurf store, which can be opened with the gate key using gloves. Only one person to enter at a time. Note the green windsurf container can not be accessed.

After use and in order for 72 hours to pass until the next user, please write the date on a tag and attach to the board. Use another dated tag with the rig, UJ and harness (if used). Allow 3 whole days to pass before using the equipment, for example if the date is 13.7.20, do not use until 17.7.20. The tags can be used multiple times. Please read the ground rules and risk assessment for club windsurfs - see link above.

Remember the club windsurf boards and rigs are insured 3rd party and so any loss or damage is the responsibility of the user.

There is no need to book a club windsurf for use but please add your name on the booking sheet for attending the club.

As with all sailing at present, there will be no safety cover most of the time; assess the conditions. Sail in less wind than you would normally be happy to sail in. This particularly applies to junior sailors who need supervision by their parents/guardians at all times whilst on the water.


Recent RYA guidance now allows sailing double handed dinghies with members from different households with correct mitigation in place.

This follows the UK Government guidelines from 4th July where social distancing remains at 2 metres unless mitigating measures are used which allows a reduction to 1 metre plus.

In a dinghy, these mitigations can include 1 metre separation marks on the deck, wearing face coverings, avoiding face to face contact, no shouting, cleaning procedures etc. It is the responsibility of the members concerned to decide if they can sail their dinghy whilst maintaining adequate social distancing and also ensure they adhere to the social distancing measures when sailing together.

KWSC encourages safe sailing but is not responsible for enforcing social distancing measures between members on the water sailing together in the same boat.

The club boats (Hartley 12 and 15) will currently remain, if sailed doubled handed, to be with members of the same household only.

Overnight stays in tents from 1 August 2020

Members will be able to stay overnight in tents with access to the disabled toilet in the clubhouse only from Saturday 1 August 2020. In addition to the previous guidelines for overnight stays it is very important that you read and follow this advice as we are unable to make the clubhouse Covid secure for any reason apart from access to the toilet. If this is not adhered to, the clubhouse will be closed and camping without a toilet no longer allowed.

When accessing the clubhouse sanitise your hands before and after touching door handles (hand gel is available within the clubhouse). Ensure 2 metre social distancing particularly between the two doors.
The route to and from the toilet is marked with barrier tape, please stay inside this area.
When using the toilet clean it before and after use with the disinfectant spray provided. There is currently no weekly Cleaner - please leave the toilet as you would wish to find it.
Do not use or access any of the rooms within the clubhouse. You must not use either of the galleys or changing rooms. Do not use the clubhouse for getting changed. Do not use the shower in the disabled toilet; apart from not being Covid secure, this shower leaks in to the clubhouse and has no hot water.
Do not congregate in the clubhouse. Please bring tents and cooking facilities to allow you to camp independently from the clubhouse. Ensure you have considered wet weather and midges!

Please use the booking sheet to colour code that you intend to stay overnight.

Ground rules and risk assessment for overnight stays can be found in the list above.

Track and trace
If you have visited the club and subsequently have symptoms of Covid-19 please advise by email to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. The anonymity of any individuals reporting a suspected case will be maintained. The booking sheet will be used for club attendance. Please update the booking sheet if you did not attend.

Michelle, Richard, Jess and Anna,
KWSC Covid-19 Task group 

Please do take time to read the updated plan and risk assessments as detailed above. Our use of the club may be revoked by Northumbrian Water if we do not follow this guidance.

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