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Kielder Water Sailing Club

UPDATED 20th May 2021

RYA Welcome Back Poster

Important Information for Members

From 17th May, England will move to step 3 of the government’s road map out of national lockdown restrictions.  As a result, and in line with RYA guidance, we are happy to advise that the club can begin to reopen additional facilities.  

For further information on the planned reopening and estimated timescales please refer to the Revised plan for restarting sailing safely at KWSC  


Before your visit it is important that you are familiar with the ground rules and risk assessments that we have put in place to ensure your safety whilst visiting the club.  Please see as per the links at the bottom of this page.  Also, to assist answering any questions you may have please see as follows:

What activity will resume from 17-May?

The club will re-open for outdoor activities: casual sailing, windsurfing & SUP along with other organized activities such as dinghy racing, training and open events.  Indoor facilities including changing room will reopen albeit for limited numbers.  Also, use of the members galley and indoor seating will be possible.  

Will the club house be open?

Yes – the club house will reopen for access to changing rooms, use of the members galley and some indoor seating area.  Showers will remain out of use (unless in emergency situations).  Please ensure to read the risk assessments and guidance for use of these facilities, particularly with regards to cleaning requirements (cleaning products will be provided).

Do I need to book my attendance?

Yes – please ensure to book your attendance prior to your visit using the online system.  It is a requirement that there is a record of your visit for track and trace purposes. Please ensure to include the number of people in your party.  In cases of track and trace we will contact the party lead only.

Can I sail with members from different households?

Yes – however please ensure to read the RYA guidance.

Will there be safety cover?

Yes – safety cover will be arranged but only during organized activity (e.g. weekends, during dinghy racing).  For all other times ensure to check weather conditions before attending and assess again before going afloat.  Ensure you are confident to handle any prevailing conditions, sail in less wind than you would normally be happy to sail in.  This particularly applies to junior members, who need supervision by their parents/guardians at all times whilst on the water.

Can I stay overnight?

Yes – overnight stays with shared use of club house facilities will be permitted from 17-May.

Can I use club boats?

Yes – it will be possible to book club boats for personal use.  Please continue to use the online booking system to make your reservation (see link).  Sails and foils are stored in the container, which can be accessed with a club gate key.  Please ensure only one person enters the container per time (refer to the ground rules and risk assessment for use of club boats)

Can I use Club Windsurfs?

Yes – Hi-Fly windsurfing boards and rigs will be available for use (T15 Techno boards are not available for use).  After use, please return the windsurf board to the outdoor racking.  The rigs are stored in the wooden shed, UJ’s and harnesses are all stored in the green container.  The shed and container can be opened with a club key.  Please ensure that only one person accesses per time and that you are familiar with the cleaning requirements after use (refer to ground rules and risk assessment for use of club windsufers) 

Can I bring guests to the club?

Yes – it is ok to bring guests to the club during your visit.  Members who brings a guest will be responsible for them during their visit, including adding

I have recently visited the club and am showing symptoms of Covid-19, what should I do?

We hope this situation will never arise, but if it does please ensure to email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), advising the date and time of your visit.  The anonymity of any individuals reporting a suspected case will be maintained.  The attendance booking sheet will be used for track and trace purposes.  Please ensure to update the 

I’m still unsure and have some questions, who can I ask?

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

As always, do not come to the club if you are unwell.  The Covid risk is lower but still very much present

Document Links:

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Risk Assessment: Use of the Members Galley and Indoor Seating:

Risk Assessments (all)

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